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Lots to discuss at MMI Harrogate

Last week my colleague, Bruce Ely-Johnston, and I attended the Money Marketing Interactive event in Harrogate. The agenda covered a broad range of topics including consolidating assets, conflicts of interests, fee structures, remote working and matching clients to platforms, plus a host of other subjects – quite a lot to pack into one day! Perhaps […]

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See you in Harrogate this Thursday?

I spend a fair amount of time on the road with my job, usually visiting advisers in their offices. This week my travels are a little different, with myself and my colleague, Bruce Ely-Johnston, both travelling up to Harrogate on Thursday (13 September 2018) where we’re one of the supporting firms behind Money Marketing Interactive. […]

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Segmentation and its role in attracting the right clients

Understanding your client base and attracting appropriate clients is key to business growth and sustainability.  Adviser/client relationships should be mutually beneficial. As Seth Godin mentions in one of his books: “Everyone is not your customer.” Yet there are many advisers who spend little or no time segmenting their client bases and developing an ideal client […]

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Recommendations built on misaligned assumptions are a risky business

If you are using a third-party risk profiler to assess your clients’ risk appetites and an unrelated discretionary investment manager to manage the corresponding risk-profiled portfolios, you could be opening yourself and your firm up to a number of potential issues. Why? It’s all due to an array of overlapping risk descriptions and a whole […]

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Advisers need a process for change

In a study by Platforum, as reported in Portfolio Adviser recently, it found that advisers are reluctant to change the arrangements they have with DFMs and investment managers. It could be argued that perhaps advisers are satisfied with the service they receive so see no need to change. The issue is that, if alternatives are […]

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Quants and Quals in fund selection

We have our brains and our hearts, the former being a complex organ capable of learning, computing and remembering, whilst the latter is simply there to pump blood around our bodies. Nevertheless, we persist in attributing some of the brain’s subtler and more complex functions – our feelings – to the heart, anatomical evidence be […]

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Free for all in the fund industry

How low can you go could be the new mantra among the behemoths of the passive fund world, now Fidelity has just launched two zero-cost index funds in the US. It’s a move that has thrown down the gauntlet to the industry and is a savvy marketing decision that may prove positive for Fidelity, in […]

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Podcast – The changing landscape in EM

Summertime and the living is…slightly uneasy

In spite of the lovely warm, sunny weather, the political and economic storm clouds are definitely threatening, particularly around the question of Brexit. Although it may seem almost impossible to prepare for what is unknown territory in terms of outcome, there is real merit in financial advisers using the traditionally quieter summer period to get […]

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Intermediaries urged to focus on total returns

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