Portfolio Customisation

PortfolioMetrix has developed a new innovative multi-dimensional and flexible investment method that can be tailored to each client.

Whilst scalable, some model portfolios can limit advisers’ ability to offer a fine-tuned investment option, forcing them to either shoe-horn clients into portfolios that are ‘almost right’ or select portfolios outside the model range.

Equally the traditional discretionary management approach of requiring an individual investment manager to meet with the investor to understand their preferences is an expensive luxury, which often suffers from a lack of consistency and repeatability.

The PortfolioMetrix customised proposition is designed to meet the needs of investors and advisers alike. Using our multi-dimensional portfolio construction approach, the investment team map out all practical combinations of constraints ensuring a wide range of choice, whilst safeguarding that all choices are fit for purpose. This method eliminates the shoe-horning and consistency issues leading to more satisfied clients, whilst allowing for the service to be delivered at a very reasonable cost.

Investment Approach

Across portfolios, PortfolioMetrix focuses on asset allocation to carefully control risk exposure whilst seeking the highest possible total return for each unit of risk. Diversification, across asset classes, funds, styles, factors, sectors, currencies and underlying security holdings is also paramount. For specific portfolios, however, a number of investment approaches are available to meet specific client preferences:



Portfolios are implemented using the fewest constraints, resulting in a well-diversified global asset allocation, implemented using a blend of actively and passively managed funds. Active managers are only used when PortfolioMetrix has sufficient conviction in their being able to outperform.

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Portfolios are implemented to target a higher income level than the Core Active approach and also distribute all the income generated.

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These portfolios attempt to drive positive social change without sacrificing clients' financial objectives by adapting the asset allocation of the PMX Core Active Approach in order to use only funds which put environmental, social and governance concerns front and center in their investment processes.

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Enhanced Indexing (Smart Beta) is a factor based approach to investing that typically costs less to implement than traditional actively managed portfolios but which still has the potential to outperform traditional passive implementations. PortfolioMetrix considers and blends a subset of a number of academically robust factors, including: Value, Size, Momentum, Low Volatility, Quality and Liquidity.

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Portfolios incorporate a much higher allocation to Absolute Return funds in place of traditional fixed income. The actual allocation will vary depending on the risk score of the portfolio.

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This portfolio uses a diversified blend of only Absolute Return funds in order to achieve a low correlation to the world equity markets. The result is a low volatility portfolio that targets a steady return, along with lower performance-drawdowns than standard long only multi-asset portfolios.

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