Analysis of the Conflict in Ukraine Report


What's Inside

The last four days have been a kaleidoscopic blur of heavy armour rolling through the European countryside, of loud explosions and
plumes of smoke rising from city skylines. People cowering in underground shelters, chaotic scenes at stations, lines of refugees at
border posts. News coverage of women and children making Molotov Cocktails, video clips of Kalashnikovs being handed to civilians.
Burned out tanks and trucks on destroyed bridges. A forty-mile convoy of Russian vehicles rumbling towards Kyiv.


In this special report, written by our CEO, Brandon Zietsman, he covers:

  • The foundations of miscalculation
  • The current military situation
  • Sanctions and military support
  • The hazards of a Russian “defeat”
  • Plausible solutions to the crisis
  • Beyond the immediate crisis


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