Investment Management by Design

Precision-engineered portfolios that produce predictable, repeatable results. PortfolioMetrix has developed innovative, multi-dimensional and flexible investment methods that advisers can tailor according to the individual needs of their clients.

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PortfolioMetrix Investment Overview

Our ethos at PortfolioMetrix is 'investment management by design'. We create precision-engineered portfolios that produce predictable, repeatable results. Each investor is different, as are the advice businesses they have trusted with their money.  Our range of portfolios caters for the precise needs of advisers and the clients that they serve. The same investment expertise runs through every solution but can be implemented in the format that works best for your clients


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Portfolios built around the client


At PortfolioMetrix we believe in building portfolios around needs, not wealth. We question the suitability of one size fits all solutions and believe the best client customers require close integration of the advice process and investment management. Using our WealthExplorer™ technology, advisers can fine-tune portfolios for individual clients on a scalable basis





What results do we aim to achieve?

  • A coherent toolset for advisers
  • Suitable outcomes for investors
  • Efficient trade-off of risk and return
  • Consistent risk separation
  • Superior long-term returns

How do we do it?

Across portfolios, PortfolioMetrix focuses on asset allocation to carefully control risk exposure while seeking the highest possible total return for each unit of risk. Diversification, across asset classes, funds, styles, factors, sectors, currencies and underlying security holdings is also paramount.

Discretionary Powers

Asset allocation

Our stress-tested optimisation models produce coherent and intuitive asset allocations across the risk spectrum in multiple currencies, while consistently incorporating economic views.


Manager selection

We apply both quantitative and qualitative techniques to identify best-of-breed manager, with the processes, capacity and skill to manage risk and enhance returns through the cycle.


Portfolio construction

We isolate and control for marginal contribution to risk and return, including factor and style exposures, and blend passive with active exposures where appropriate.



We monitor portfolios against their risk objectives, applying disciplined rebalancing to ensure mandate consistency and to enhance returns over time.


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The performance of risk-profiled portfolios must be coherent, and the investor journey matters. We want to help advisers avoid awkward discussions with clients about performance, which can displace other important conversations.


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PortfolioMetrix Factshee

Fund and Portfolio

PortfolioMetrix offers a wide array of investment solutions to cater for different client needs and preferences. Further details are available below

Sustainable World Portfolio Fact Sheets  

Non-EU ETF Portfolio Fact Sheets  

Factor Based Portfolio Fact Sheets  

Core Portfolio Fact Sheets

Responsible Investment Policy UK & IE



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"Any suggestion they make on behalf of a portfolio and any changes that they make, is really in the best interest of the portfolio and, ultimately, the client."
- Neal Kelly, Thamond Asset Management

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