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WealthExplorer™ is the mechanism that coherently links the financial adviser’s internal processes to precision investment management.

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"PortfolioMetrix developed the WealthExplorer™ software platform to help advisers’ scale their business and free up valuable time, while offering features that help build trust with clients”.

Oscar Reitsma | Head of Technology

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Financial Personality Framework
Portfolio Construction
Cashflow Modelling
Streamlined Documents
Processing Platform

This fully-integrated, risk-calibrated tool provides the adviser with rich insights into multiple dimensions of a client’s financial personality and willingness to take risk, while serving as a powerful client engagement tool. 

Our portfolio construction module allows the adviser to align client needs, circumstances and preferences with an appropriate investment portfolio.

Our cash flow module allows the adviser to model a client’s financial circumstances and ability to take risk, providing decision-support into key choices and how they impact financial projections.

WealthExplorer™ provides the ability to efficiently produce tailor-made, white labelled reports that offer a professional, competitive edge.

For individual investment accounts, WealthExplorer™ allows us to process mandates, monitor holdings and instruct rebalances on platforms to keep portfolios aligned with their mandates.

WealthExplorer™ provides powerful portfolio and performance reporting, which, along with relevant market commentary, makes for streamlined and consistent client reviews.

Benefits of WealthExplorer™

Our WealthExplorer™ software platform provides the adviser with the tools to ensure that the portfolios we manage fully incorporate clients’ needs, preferences and financial circumstances.



WealthExplorer™ advice tools are accurate, supported by academic theory and address the quantitative shortcomings of many alternative software packages.



WealthExplorer™ modules are fully integrated and calibrated, ensuring a common language for risk, which minimises the possibility of a mismatch between advice tool outputs and client portfolios.



WealthExplorer™ tools are designed to illustrate concepts and choices intuitively, allowing for more meaningful client engagements and support for the decision-making process.



WealthExplorer™ helps advisers to scale their businesses by automating many routine tasks while freeing up valuable time to build trust with clients.

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"Wealthexplorer tm is a tool that really helps the adviser to demonstrate to the client what the client is about to receive with the investment process"
- Andrew Reeves, The Investment Coach

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