8 out of 12 shortlists say we’re doing great

Great excitement at PortfolioMetrix HQ when we discovered we’ve been shortlisted in 8 out of the 12 categories that form the Citywire Adviser Choice Awards 2022.

The categories we feature in are:

  •  Best DFM London
  • Best DFM South West & Wales
  • Best DFM East & South East
  • Most Satisfactory Investment Outcome
  • Best Availability of Sustainable Investment Strategies
  • Best Reporting
  • Most Useful Digital Interface
  • Best Communication in a Crisis


Readers of Citywire New Model Adviser were invited to score the DFMs they work with across 10 different criteria, to shine a light on the ones leading the way in providing a first-class client experience.

Over 700 financial advisers took part and the scores were calculated by the team at NMA aggregating the feedback together to create the shortlists. The awards for each of the six regions were calculated based on the highest combined average score across all the factors.

The highest average scores were also used to reach the shortlists in the six category awards. Eligible firms needed to reach a minimum threshold of scores to make a shortlist.



It’s particularly gratifying to see we’ve been shortlisted in five of the six category awards, especially the Best Communication in a Crisis one. Over the pandemic, we worked hard to ensure our adviser partners were kept up to date on the markets and had all the information they needed to maintain composure among their clients.



We’re also particularly pleased to see us feature in the Most Useful Digital Interface category. We recently introduced a completely refreshed and updated Wealth Explorer experience and it has gone down a storm with our partners. Using Wealth Explorer alongside our portfolios ensures clients are allocated portfolios that closely align with their risk appetites – something that isn’t always achieved when advisers mix and match tools and portfolios from different organisations.

Learn more about WealthExplorer™



Finally, it’s no surprise to see we are shortlisted in the Best Availability of Sustainable Investment Strategies. Our Sustainable World portfolios have now got a five-year track record (how many other DFMs can claim this?) and past performance has been impressive. You can read more about this in a recent article from Professional Adviser, which you can find here.

A big thank you to all the advisers who voted for us. It means a lot to make the shortlists. We’ll know on the 10th March if we’ve won any but we feel like winners anyway.