Addressing the difficult questions: we have some answers

How long can governments meet their promises, are companies shedding jobs rather than furloughing and how much of the current market volatility has been the result of automated trading? These are just a few of the questions our UK Head of Investments, Nic Spicer was asked during our recent webinar on composure.

The event, attended by many of our adviser partners, ran through an overview of the Covid-19 pandemic, its effects on the economy and how advisers can prepare themselves for the questions that clients are likely to raise in the weeks and months ahead.

Specifically, Nic looked at:

  • If the efforts to control Covid-19 are working
  • What happened in markets in Q1
  • What we can expect next

Answering the difficult questions

The range of questions asked at the event highlighted the level of uncertainty that exists around the effects of the pandemic. In answering them, Nic was able to use his analytical skills, past experience and his knowledge of historical events to discuss what might happen over the short, medium and long term.

Neither Nic or any of the PMX team can claim to hold all the answers as we are in uncharted territory but the Q&A overview we created post the webinar makes a useful reference guide for any advisers facing difficult questions from clients at the moment. The full list can be accessed here.

With the webinar proving to be a useful forum to stay in touch with our partners, we will be exploring other topics for discussion in the future. If you have a burning issue you’d like discussed, please do get in touch.