Another award? Fingers crossed.

On Thursday Citywire’s Wealth Manager magazine will announce the winners of its Regional Stars awards and PortfolioMetrix has once again been shortlisted for the Greater London award. It’s the fourth year we’ve made the shortlist and, having won it in 2017 and 2018, we’re hoping for a hat trick of wins.

According to the Wealth Manager team, the awards drew a record number of votes this year, with around 1,000 advisers across eight major regions of the UK voting for their favourite wealth managers. They ranked individual wealth management offices on four criteria: investment outcomes, client reporting, relationship management and efficiency of service.

Wealth Manager Conference

The awards are being announced as part of the Citywire Wealth Manager Conference held in London. Two of our investment team are attending the conference, which is held over two days. They are looking forward to their personalised agendas and have an interesting mix of speakers on topics that are currently high on the investment management agenda.

Our Portfolio Manager, Nic Spicer is looking forward to meeting with like minds to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities currently facing the industry. Asked what the collective noun might be for a room full of investment experts he initially wouldn’t be drawn.

Collective noun for investment experts?

As Nic is one of the wisest investment managers I’ve met, perhaps we should use the collective noun for owls but that’s no good …it’s a ‘parliament’, and comparing wisdom with parliament at the moment just seems like a massive oxymoron.

Nic just laughed when I suggested this and reminded me that a group of wombats is called a ‘wisdom’, whilst the collective of apes is a ‘shrewdness’. But ultimately, he’d prefer to be part of a ‘inquisitiveness’ of investment practitioners, because wisdom is only gained through learning, which takes more than a touch of curiosity.

Anyway, please keep your fingers crossed that we achieve that hat trick of Regional Stars awards on Thursday.