Be careful what you ask for…

One of my key reasons for joining PortfolioMetrix was the great feedback on them from their adviser partners. However, the team had never tried to quantify the positive impact of working with PortfolioMetrix, either for the end-client or for advisers. Now I’m part of the team, I decided to get into the details.

Last month we asked 52 business owners at our longstanding adviser firms to take part in a short survey. Over three quarters of them responded and the results were amazing!

Here are some of the highlights of what we learned:

Nine out of 10 respondents said that partnering with PortfolioMetrix had:

led to a better experience for their clients
allowed them to spend more time with their clients
enabled them to use the same investment process regardless of the size of the client’s investible assets

More than three quarters of respondents said:

using WealthExplorer™ to walk through the various investment options helped coach their clients through the trade-offs of portfolio construction
the ability to customise the portfolio to exactly match their client’s preferences aided the client’s acceptance of their proposal
partnering with PortfolioMetrix has allowed them to offer a Capital Gains Tax harvesting service to more of their clients
the PortfolioMetrix systems and risk controls enable them to better meet all their regulatory requirements

The survey also showed that, on average, advisers who responded:

recoup 28% of their time as a result of partnering with PortfolioMetrix
experience a 32% efficiency gain when using WealthExplorer™ for their entire client offering and were 29% quicker on proposal writing and annual review preparation
found partnering with PortfolioMetrix allows them to cover 27% more clients
said their business revenues had grown by 26% since partnering with PortfolioMetrix

We were delighted with the results and are very grateful to our partners for this huge vote of confidence. However, we don’t like to rest on our laurels. The survey gives us some great pointers on where we can improve so we’ll be striving to make those scores even better in the months ahead.

Overall though, it shows that what we are doing makes a real difference to both our adviser partners and their end-clients. And that’s exactly why PortfolioMetrix was founded almost ten years ago.