Full steam ahead on platforms

The latest news from PortfolioMetrix is that Aegon has added us to their platform, joining Wealthtime, Transact, Standard Life, Nucleus and Alliance Trust Savings.

This is great news for advisers who have been keen to access a range of our risk-rated portfolios via Aegon. Even better news is that we have a raft of other platforms preparing to add us over the coming weeks.

The team at PortfolioMetrix has been impressed with the way Aegon and some other platforms have been able to quickly and easily add us once they realised there was strong demand from advisers.

This year has seen us build real momentum for the PortfolioMetrix offering with the only real stumbling block being that some advisers want to see us on their specific preferred platform. Luckily, they’ve been telling the platform managers this and the swift response from platforms such as Alliance Trust Savings and Aegon is the result.

Our aim is to be available on as many platforms as possible but it does require the platforms to have both the appetite and the technology to support us. It’s frustrating for us and for advisers when platforms are slow to open up access but I’m hopeful any problems with some platforms will be overcome in the near future. Certainly the will is there – we just have to find the way.

Meanwhile, we’ve got plenty going on with the platforms who are adding us. Watch this space for news about more over the next few weeks.