It’s all in the planning next week

Next week will see me heading to Birmingham to attend the Financial Planning Annual Conference (1-2 October). There’s a really interesting agenda which focuses on three main themes: clients, business and using technology to get ahead.

It’s significant that technology has been pulled out from under a general ‘business’ heading as it highlights just how important using automated tools has become to the success of any financial advice firm.

Cash flow planning

One of the ‘technology’ sessions on the first day looks at cash flow planning. This is an area where automation can really help but, with so many tools available to choose from, it’s one that can be challenging to get right, as some are flashy but lack sophistication while with others you almost need a programming degree to master them.

Cash flow modelling continues to evolve as a cornerstone of the financial planning process as it graphically engages with clients on just what needs to be achieved over their lifetime. I’m looking forward to finding out more about how delegates at the conference currently incorporate cash flow modelling into their discussions with clients and how they use technology to facilitate this, in particular how they reconcile deterministic modelling with real life. This is an area we have being doing lot of development on so I’ll be showcasing that plus also looking to get some feedback on the sophisticated yet user friendly PortfolioMetrix cashflow tool in general.

The rigors of regulation

Another session under the ‘technology’ heading will focus on MiFID II and the impact this has had on firms. Feedback from the advisers and planners I’ve met usually involves some reflection on how meeting the ever-changing regulations involved in the financial business is a constant challenge. Using technology to ensure regulation boxes are ticked is one way to stay ahead of the game but it’s also key that systems are fully integrated, which is where Portfoliometrix’s compliance tested processes provide value.

With such a full agenda over a two-day period, I’m sure all the delegates will leave the conference with increased knowledge and new ideas…especially if they’ve spent some time at the PortfolioMetrix stand! If you’re coming along please come and say hello.