Mass customisation – why going live with Nucleus is good news for advisers

Last week we announced that Nucleus has enabled access to our Core discretionary offering (in addition to our MPS offering which they previously facilitated). This means financial advisers who use Nucleus can now provide fully customised investment solutions to all their clients in a scalable, repeatable and time-efficient manner.

This ‘mass customisation’ proposition was first developed by PortfolioMetrix, over 10 years ago. It’s only recently that we are seeing other providers starting  to offer approaches that are based on a similar idea – although none are genuinely customised (or as good in my opinion) as ours.

Investment management by design

Our investment approach means portfolios can be designed to meet the specific needs of each client – importantly regardless of the size of their assets. With PROD rules demanding that advisers segment clients and provide different investment solutions for each segment, having this flexibility is vital.

For firms with multiple advisers, this is even more relevant: recent SMCR regulations mean that senior managers need to evidence that all of their advisers are working within a consistent framework.

To achieve optimum alignment to clients’ risk appetites and ensure compliance, there’s a full suite of risk profiling, cashflow modelling and reporting tools available through PortfolioMetrix’s WealthExplorer™. This is all then implemented by our investment team’s strict risk separation approach, which keeps portfolios in line with clients’ risk expectations.

Sophisticated technology

Nucleus is the fourth platform to open up access to our proposition: Transact, Wealthtime and Praemium are already well-established distributors.

Each of these platforms have sophisticated technology that offers the flexibility to enable customisation of our portfolios – something we know other platforms are working to achieve and which we hope will be available in the not too distant future so we can offer this truly differentiated service to more clients.