Matchmakers – The value of a Centralised Investment Proposition

As written in the Harvard Business review “we’re living in the matchmaker economy. It is a bigger and more pervasive part of our lives than many imagine.”

In the investment management arena, there has long been matchmaking for everyone’s mutual benefit. Matchmaking between advisers and clients, advisers and product providers, and investment managers and platforms.

Unfortunately, what isn’t always evident is when these matches have turned stale or run their course. It is important to pause every so often and re-evaluate who our chosen partners are and whether the investment proposition offered to clients as a result is optimal.

Leading advisers are always looking for ways to future-proof their businesses, improve their service offering and deliver the best proposition and experience they can. A centralised investment proposition (CIP) is one way to tick all of these boxes. A crucial aspect of a CIP is that it must be suitable for clients and not just the adviser firm.

By choosing the right match and implementing a top-class CIP advisers and clients stand to benefit from:

  • An investment process that is easy for the clients to understand
  • A more structured and better researched investment solution
  • The ability to manage wealth in line with the client’s risk profile
  • The ability to manage risk and return expectations more effectively
  • Better informed clients via rich reporting

The solution in providing a match between your clients, the right investment manager, and the most effective platform via which to execute their strategy lies in partnering with PortfolioMetrix.

Read our white paper on the value that advisers add to their clients by implementing an effective centralised investment proposition and if you want more information please get in touch.