It’s not us, it’s them…celebrating independent endorsements

When Mandy Rice-Davies said “Well, he would, wouldn’t he?” during the trial of Christine Keeler, it summed up how many people feel about the trustworthiness of what politicians say. But it’s not just politicians. Anything that looks like propaganda from companies, particularly those in the financial sector, can also leave many of us thinking the same thing…they would say that, wouldn’t they?

I mention this because for the second year running PortfolioMetrix has gained top ratings in the independent assessment by Defaqto: 5-stars and 5-diamonds. These ratings are really important, not just to us as an organisation but more because they provide advisers who consider partnering with us with a robust measure of how our offering stacks up under the microscope.

Intense scrutiny

The Defaqto process involves intense scrutiny for any discretionary investment firm that opens its doors to them. They have more than 60 experts independently researching and analysing more than 43,000 financial products, funds and fund families.

The Star rating indicates the quality and comprehensiveness of the product, while the Diamond rating, a category that was first introduced in 2019, rates the performance and competitiveness of funds and fund families in key areas such as cost, scale, accessibility and manager longevity.


The real value of being awarded the highest ratings in each category is that it is an unbiased assessment of our worth. There is no opinion involved, just pure hard facts.

The team at PortfolioMetrix might say all manner of things about how great our offering is but, well, we would say that, wouldn’t we? What advisers who partner with us, or who are considering partnering with us, can see from the Defaqto ratings is that it’s not propaganda: this is a trusted independent assessment that provides a very credible third-party endorsement of what we offer.