Recognition for our investment ‘heavyweight’

For the third year in a row, the PortfolioMetrix UK Head of Investments, Nic Spicer, has been listed among the Citywire Wealth Manager Top 100 fund selectors.

Described by the magazine as ‘the heavyweights’ of fund selectors, Nic’s place in the list is very well deserved.

He is the primary force behind the investment propositions we run for and on behalf of our adviser partners here in the UK. His knowledge and expertise are highly valued by all and are major factors for why advisers choose to partner with us.

As well as being excellent at his ‘day job’, Nic also has a knack of being ahead of the curve. While many discretionary investment managers are only now launching ESG options, almost four years’ ago Nic had the foresight to see that sustainable investment is not only good for the planet and mankind, it also offers investors opportunities for healthy returns. This led to the establishment of our Sustainable World (formerly Ethical Emphasis) portfolios.

Recently he authored a white paper on ESG that has received wide acclaim, including from a leading professor of finance at the London Business School.

Being a modest bloke, Nic made me take out some of the plaudits I had planned (pointing out that he owes a lot to the wider PMX team and particularly his investment colleagues Phil and Oli) but I think it’s important we recognise what a talent we have at PortfolioMetrix. Well done Nic and team!