Recognition is rewarding

It may be cold outside but the PortfolioMetrix team still has a warm feeling due to receiving widespread third-party recognition for our proposition, solutions and people.

We have been shortlisted for five Professional Adviser awards:

  • Best Client Engagement
  • Best Risk Profiling Service
  • Best Technology Provider
  • Best ESG Solution
  • Best Model Portfolio Service

Some of the firms we’re listed alongside are giants in the industry so it’s gratifying to see we are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with much bigger organisations.

We’ve also been nominated for the City of London Wealth Management Awards (COLWMA) 2021, in the category ‘Best Discretionary Wealth Management Firm’ and awarded ‘Best in Investment Management Advising 2021’ in the SME News’ Business Elite Awards.

The winner of COLWMA award goes to the firm that receives the most votes, so if you feel you’d like to support us, we’d be really grateful if you could vote for us by 12 February via this link. It takes less than a minute.

Sustainable is sustainable

It’s great to see ESG recognition among the PA Awards short-listings. Unlike many of the investment managers who launched ESG portfolios in 2020, we have a track record that stretches back across four years.

Under the banner ‘Sustainable World’, the results we’ve achieved show that ESG investing can provide a viable option for investors who want to do their bit for people and the planet without compromising potential returns.

The highest risk portfolio achieved 52% (11.1% annualised) over the four-year period – higher than global equities and with slightly lower volatility. This equated to a risk-adjusted return (Sharpe Ratio) of 0.83 over the period. Lower risk Sustainable World portfolios achieved even stronger Sharpe Ratios – up to 0.97.

Renamed Sustainable World from Ethical Emphasis in 2020, the aim of the portfolios is to meet clients’ financial goals whilst also explicitly helping drive positive social and environment change. They invest in funds that:

  • Focus on companies that deliver a clear positive net benefit to society and the environment.
  • Focus on sustainability of product, service and operations when selecting companies to invest in.
  • Seek to improve the behaviour of the companies they invest in through engagement.
  • Exclude industries and specific companies with negative social or environmental impacts.

For more information about ESG investing, I recommend taking a look at our white paper. It has received some glowing reviews by economic experts and provides an engaging and comprehensive overview. We will also have an updated guide to our Sustainable World portfolios available later this month.

Waiting game

We’ll have to wait until next month to see if we win top spot for any of the short-listings in the Professional Adviser or COLWMA Awards, but the fact we are in among the front runners is a major boost.