Riding out the storms

The grey clouds of Brexit and other political storms may be directly overhead but here at PortfolioMetrix we are in a celebratory mood. 2018 has proved to be our best year yet, with AUM up 40 per cent from 31 December 2017 and this November being a record month for inflows.

I’d like to say this success is entirely down to the amazing expertise and performance of the sales team at PortfolioMetrix but that would be rather disingenuous. What I think is actually happening is that advisers are realising the benefits of outsourcing to a firm where investing is less about guesswork and finger crossing and more about science and planning.

The unexpected is completely predictable

As our CEO, Brandon Zietsman, eloquently put it in a recent article for Professional Adviser, “you do not have to have directional views on political outcomes – you simply need to understand the impact of uncertainty on asset valuations.” He maintains that “the unexpected is completely predictable and as much time should go into engineering portfolios for impossible-to-forecast events as goes into formulating directional views.”

Informed approach

It’s this intelligent, informed approach to investing and the results it’s achieving for our portfolios, that’s winning us business – plus helping to fill our new awards cabinet as, in addition to the awards secured in 2017 and 2018, we’ve just been advised that we’re a finalist in three categories in the Professional Adviser Awards 2019.

No doubt our investment strategies will continue to be tested as we enter into what promises to be even stormier political and economic waters in 2019 but I have every confidence that our work will help our adviser partners rest much easier than if they were charting the waters on their own.