Riding the winds of change - Central Investment Propositions and why your business needs one

Leading advisers are always looking for ways to future-proof their businesses, improve their service offering and deliver the best experience that they can for their clients.

The problem for many advisers is that the shifting regulatory landscape is chipping away at the traditional brokerage model and causing some advisers to shift their value proposition from selecting between products to offer a more comprehensive Financial Planning Service.

The additional time required to consider complex client circumstances and solutions is leading many advisers to the conclusion that managing their client’s investments is not core to their service proposition.

One option is to consider adopting a Centralised Investment Proposition which ensures that advisers retail control of the parts of the advice process that matters to them but outsource the task of managing portfolios to a team of investment specialists.

To coincide with our recent Practice Management week, we have written a white paper on Centralised Investment Propositions which will be available to download now by clicking here.