And the Oscar goes to…

It’s award season but not just for the film world. We’ve started 2020 with the news we’ve been shortlisted for no less than four awards linked to what we offer financial advisers.

The Professional Adviser Awards 2020, which are announced on 6 February, have us shortlisted in four categories:

  • Best risk-profiling service
  • Best client engagement (providers)
  • Best technology provider (practice management)
  • Best model portfolio service

Over the past few years we’ve been successful in being shortlisted and winning a number of prestigious awards and it’s made me think about why this might be. After all, we’re not a giant corporation with endless resources.

Looking at these latest awards, some of the reasons I think we’ve been shortlisted include:

Risk Profiling

We have a unique approach to exploring an investor’s financial personality which incorporates mainstream theory with original research. We also offer a fully integrated approach, allowing our adviser partners to measure many more facets about their clients’ financial personalities than simply attitude to risk. All this information feeds directly into the portfolio construction process. Perhaps the judging panel recognise that what we offer produces a superior result when compared with standalone, uncalibrated risk profiling models, when in the hands of a financial planner.

Client Engagement

We are in regular dialogue with our partners and take the time to understand what we need to do to help them increase client satisfaction and run more successful businesses. We listen to their feedback and work hard to provide them with the resources they need, including webinars, white-papers, partner events, regular updates and an Investment Forum specifically for them. We know from what they tell us that this work is highly valued and makes them feel part of a community that is learning and growing together.

Technology provider

Our technology helps our partners get a better understanding of their clients’ needs and allows them to design a bespoke portfolio just for them. Tools such as our Financial Personality Framework, Portfolio Construction, Cashflow Modelling and Performance Reporting all add up to better client outcomes in a time and cost-efficient way. We’re very lucky to be partnered with financial advisers that share their thoughts and ideas with us. This enables us to drive the proposition forwards and develop leading edge technology that supports the financial planning and advice process.

Model Portfolio Service

Our investment portfolios are at the heart of our business. How they are constructed, adapted to market conditions, continually monitored and rebalanced when appropriate, are all important factors for our adviser partners. Performance is one marker of success but risk is the backbone that runs through each portfolio. This is because we believe it’s essential that the risks clients are exposed to via our portfolios are ones they are comfortable taking. Too often we see portfolios that veer away from the agreed risk level to meet performance targets. This gambling with clients’ investments is something we avoid at all cost and we work closely with advisers to ensure the portfolios are appropriate.

We’re looking forward to the announcements of the awards next month, although we appreciate the recognition in making the shortlists – we see this as great achievement in itself. Watch this space!