Tomorrow’s world arrived yesterday

Congratulations to Citywire New Model Adviser, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, they recently assembled CEOs from 16 asset management companies to predict what will happen over the next 20 years.

One of the key predictions outlined in the article covers the personalisation of portfolios. As Kristi Mitchem says in the introduction: “It may also mean that everyone can have their own personal portfolio – never mind a fund with a factsheet coming out 12 days after the month end!”

I wish PortfolioMetrix had been sat at the table for the discussion. We could have pointed out that this is already available and has been in the UK since 2013.

Mass Customisation

Mass Customisation is something we introduced to the UK. It allows advisers to customise a portfolio to fit the needs of individual clients – all within a strict risk-controlled framework. The key is, once designed, the portfolio is run by PortfolioMetrix so it keeps advisers’ time free for more client engagement. It’s something other investment providers are only just waking up to, which is surprising considering it’s been possible to use technology to create such a proposition for around 10 years (we first launched it via our sister company in South Africa in 2010).

Perhaps it’s only now being taken seriously because advisers are under increasing pressure to prove to the regulator that they are providing investments that are tailored to individual clients, not simply shoe-horning them into a model portfolio.

Anyway, it’s good news for advisers that the industry is looking at harnessing tech to make better investment experiences for advisers and their clients. It’s just a shame it’s taken the majority so long to get there.