What did you say…?!

In September 2019 we invited all of the business owners at our partner adviser firms to tell us what they thought of us. Responses were anonymised so there was no need for them to be nice. Over three quarters of them responded and the results bowled us over!

With the state of the world’s health and the markets giving many of us a bit of a headache just now, we thought it was worth packaging the results in a format that is ‘easy on the eye’.

To that end, you can now view the results in infographic style, or you can watch two of the rising stars in our Business Development team, Kirsten de Wet and Jacob Robertson, present the highlights in a short video.

We are extremely grateful to our partners for the huge vote of confidence we received from the survey but we’re not resting on our laurels. We also got some great pointers on where we can improve, so we’ll be striving to make those scores even better next time we run the survey.

So, if you’d like to read something more upbeat during these challenging times, click the links and see what our partners said about us.