Will Money Marketing’s new DFM Centre cure outsourcing research headaches?

With a plethora of discretionary fund/investment managers operating in the UK, advisers looking to find their perfect match must find the task daunting the say the least.

We are constantly approached by companies who claim they can help put us in touch with advisers but we have a similar dilemma – which ones do we choose that will really make a difference and, more importantly, that will match us with advisers who share our values?

New one-stop-shop service

A new service run by Money Marketing magazine has recently got our attention. They have just launched the DFM Centre, which they promote as a one-stop–shop for financial advice firms providing the latest research and analysis on outsourced investment trends.

The Money Marketing team say they will bring advisers the best of the magazine’s and Platforum’s exclusive insights into the market. They will feature hand-picked experts to help advisers benchmark their investment management decisions against their peers.

Industry insights and searchable solutions

The service will feature a mix of videos, blogs, interviews and service information from selected DFMs and asset managers who offer potential fund solutions for advisers to use to meet the specific needs of their clients. This includes factors such as investment range, risk level, platform availability and fund size.

Both Money Marketing and Platforum have respected reputations within the financial advice industry so it will be interesting to see how the service develops. We are happy to support its launch and hope that it does meet its ambition of helping cut down the time and hassle involved for advisers looking to outsource or partner with specialist investment experts.