1. Insightful client risk profiling
We focus on risk. This ensures advisers are best placed to manage client expectations in line with their ability and willingness to accept volatility.

Our Financial Personality Framework delivers unique client insights. It uses behavioural finance (combining behavioural and cognitive psychological theory with conventional economics and finance) to give advisers and their clients robust insights into how portfolios should be constructed in line with expectations and composure levels. This reduces client intervention at inappropriate times.

2. Personalised client portfolios
Our mission is to enable advisers to achieve financial performance in line with their clients’ individual expectations. Our proposition enables adviser businesses to run efficiently, in a controlled, sustainable, scalable manner. Clients are not ‘shoe horned’ into one-size-fits-many model portfolios. Our unique portfolio construction process delivers portfolios personalised and tailored for every client, using methodology that is consistent and repeatable.

Portfolio reporting is user-friendly and personalised. Reports include quarterly commentary on the economy, markets and changes in the portfolios along with relevant information about the client’s specific portfolio. Custody of assets sits outside PortfolioMetrix. This means we are able to work with the most cost effective and efficient platform technology. Clients’ assets can be on different platforms based on suitability, price and functionality.

3. Flexible enough for all clients, regardless of size and complexity
We do not impose an investment minimum. Investment minimums are determined by the platforms chosen by advisers.

Our investment proposition suits advisers with ambition. It offers the opportunity to offer tailored investment advice at a value for money price, with the tools that enhance and enrich the client/adviser relationship.

Our business is designed to challenge the old order of discretionary and advisory investment propositions. Our partner firms keep ownership of their clients yet have the ability to offer superior, specialised investment management alongside their broader advice expertise.

4. Integrated tools for fast and efficient mandate construction
Wealth Explorer™ is integral to the PortfolioMetrix service. It is purpose built to equip advisers with a broad range of tools designed to deliver unique client insights that add value to the adviser/client relationship.`

Wealth Explorer™ tools are fully integrated, yet fully independent. This allows advisers to produce detailed documentation efficiently without the need to rekey data. A suite of bespoke reports are instantly available, supporting the financial planning / advisory process. Provide sophisticated cash-flow modelling. This provides a decision support mechanism that allows advisers to assess clients’ ability and willingness to take risk.

The PortfolioMetrix proposition is live and dynamic. New services, additional tools and extended third party links being constantly developed and added to enhance the client experience and add value to the adviser/client relationship.

5. Daily portfolio monitoring and discretionary management
We monitor portfolios on a daily basis. We use a ‘trigger based’ rebalancing approach, which results in portfolios changing when there is a benefit to doing so. This methodology has proven to be more effective than the simplistic calendar based rebalancing approach.

Our investment performance is proven to deliver consistent and reliable risk and return separation of portfolios. This is achieved through our academically-robust, risk-based investment approach.

6. Industry-leading research and market insights
Our unique investment strategy and risk focused process takes investing out of the casino
. Our investment team takes a scientific approach to portfolio construction. We intelligently combine the latest academic research with our own innovative techniques to deliver proven performance in line with expectation. Our investment team is highly focused. They have a dynamic blend of skills and expertise that has delivered consistent results for more than five years. Our management team is highly experienced. We are ideally placed to understand the challenges advisors face and to provide and create innovative solutions.

7. Custody of clients’ assets via platforms
Our technology integrates with investment platforms. This enables seamless execution and consistent rebalancing across multiple products and clients, supporting business efficiency. Regular reports are available aggregated across in platforms, products and family members. We use our discretionary authority to manage portfolios on-platform. Platforms are free to focus on administration, execution and custody.

8. Meets all regulatory requirements
Compliance is at the heart of our proposition. Our proposition has been developed to meet the rules and guidance applied by financial regulators across all the jurisdictions in which we operate. Our proposition is fully independent. We do not have large corporate shareholders or vested interests that could add bias to our fund manager selection/choice.

9. Scalable, low cost/high value proposition
We offer hard to beat value for money. Our fee is 0.35%pa – much lower than traditional DIMs/DFMs. In SA we achieve this by using specialised building blocks in constructing portfolios. This means the underlying TERs are often cheaper than blending typical balanced funds (which include performance fees), allowing for more controlled risk separation between portfolios.
There are no ‘added extra’ costs. All our tools, reports, on-going investment analysis and detailed performance measurements form part of the proposition and are provided at no additional cost to the adviser.

10. All documents and reports will be produced carrying your company’s name and branding
Our proposition puts advisers in the driving seat of advice. It delivers customised, discretionary investment portfolios that are personalised to suit clients’ unique needs without compromising the direct adviser/client relationship.
All documentation can be branded to the individual adviser firm. This positions the adviser as the primary contact, with PortfolioMetrix featured as a supporting partner.


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The value of investments and the income received from them can fall as well as rise. Investors may not get back the amount invested.