Tangled: Making Sense of Mifid2


What's Inside

While we’re sure that the regulator didn’t intend to create an intertwined tangle of rules, the dawn of MiFID II brings some interesting developments that can only add to the tangle, not least in the form of the 10% drop rule.

However, there is also one deft rule change that really helps as it allows discretionary investment managers (DIMs) and advisers to work together in a way that is both clearer for clients and spreads the business risks between DIMs and advisers more appropriately.

Download our latest white paper ‘Tangled – Making Sense of the New Rules and Regulations of MiFID II’ to discover what ‘Agent as Client’ really means for you and why ‘Reliance on Others’ may be a better model. Plus, get the lowdown on the controversial 10 per cent drop rule and how these different operating frameworks impact the options around who can or should contact the end client in the event that their portfolio drops 10%.