Bespoke Solutions

Our customised portfolios combine multiple underlying funds, owned directly on platform, blended together to meet the specific needs and objectives of the end client, all managed on a discretionary basis


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Our Investment Approaches 

Our investment approach ensures that portfolios in all three approaches behave in a similar risk-controlled manner and correspond to risk personality scores from 1-100. Each strategy has clearly stated objectives and consistent asset allocation but can use a blend of active and passive funds if cost is a consideration.

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The default, unconstrained approach offered by PortfolioMetrix. We use the best available funds to implement each asset class in terms of outperformance per unit of cost and risk 
Income Oriented
This targets a higher yield to suit investors with a preference for income over capital gains and works well for clients in drawdown
Sustainable World  
PortfolioMetrix Sustainable World utilises funds that focus on sustainability and positive engagement to drive positive social and environmental change


Risk-rated solutions for your clients' needs 
The performance of risk-profiled portfolios must be coherent, and the investor journey matters. We want to help advisers avoid awkward discussions with clients about performance, which can displace other important conversations.
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Regulatory Constraints
All our model portfolios are designed to comply with regulatory requirements like PROD, MiFID-II and Consumer Duty, and to ensure that your clients' investments align with their risk tolerances
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Our investment team has 151 years of combined industry experience and includes 3 CAIAs, 10 CFAs, 2 Engineers, and 1 Actuary

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Our bespoke portfolios are designed to meet specific risk profiles and investment goals, allowing you to manage a larger number of clients without comprising alignment to individual goals
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PortfolioMetrix is fully independent so we are able to cherry-pick the best asset managers from across the globe without being tied to any firm 
Our risk-mapped portfolios can be accessed through multiple platforms, making them an ideal avenue to offer important servicing for your clients' investment needs 

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These portfolios/ funds can be accessed through multiple platforms, making them an ideal avenue to offer important servicing for your clients' investment needs
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Our Track Record
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