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For eligible advice firms, PortfolioMetrix will create a risk rated range of models, branded in your firm's name. They are shaped by your investment philosophy, aligned to your preferred risk profiler and available on your selected platform


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Insourcing Solves Many Common Adviser Pain Points 

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Discretionary Powers 

Discretionary Powers
Using ours removes the workload and inefficiencies of running advisory models

Regulatory Constraints 

Regulatory Constraints
We build models tailored to meet your clients' needs, helping you comply with regulatory requirements like PROD, MiFID-II and Consumer Duty


Insourcing enhances your brand and protects you against the threat from direct to consumer investment providers  
Efficiency Gains 
Efficiency Gains
Many advisers can grow revenues, but few can grow profits at the same rate. lnsourcing delivers efficiency gains & time savings allowing your business to scale 
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How Insourcing Works
PortfolioMetrix will create a risk-rated range of models, branded in your adviser firm's name. They are shaped by your investment philosophy, aligned to your preferred risk profiler and available on your selected platform(s).   
This is evolution not revolution...
Insourcing aligns more closely with your existing proposition so it does not require as big a cultural shift as moving to full Outsourcing. This continuity means it is easier to explain to your clients and easier to adopt for your team. 
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Icon Input Required  

Input Required 
Ranges from 'check and challenge' to full involvement in asset allocation and fund selection

Icon Meeting Attendance 

Meeting Attendance
Interactions range from formal investment committee meetings to informal investment report backs 

Icon Qualifying Criteria 

Qualifying Criteria
Investment experience and clear investment philosophy required. We will need a minimum of 1-2 representatives for quarterly meetings

Icon Regulatory Set Up 

Regulatory Set Up 
 The adviser is not excercising discretion. Models are built using PortfolioMetrix's  discretionary permissions 


Leverage our Investment Expertise

Our investment capabilities extend far beyond just asset allocation and fund selection. 

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The PortfolioMetrix approach is about collaboration and not about imposing excessive restrictions. This means models are genuinely bespoke to your firm rather than 'off the shelf'
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Model Optimisation 
As your Insourcing partner, we don't start by critiquing your fund picks, instead we focus on asset allocation and model construction with a specific focus on improving outcomes for your clients 
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Risk Expertise
We've run our own risk profiler for over 10 years, so we know how to accurately map intent into action. We also have an established track record of delivering consistent outcomes when balancing risk and return
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No threat to your business
PortfolioMetrix does not have any in-house advisers and we don't have a direct to consumer offering. This means there is no conflict of interest and reinforces our belief these are your clients. 






Our Track Record


We are proud of the external recognition received from advisers and the broader industry, which offers a powerful validation for the PortfolioMetrix proposition.


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